So, you think you know a thing or two about rugby? See how you do on the Maggot IQ test to find out if you know as much as we do!

1. Rugby is played with
a tennis ball
a bowling ball
a rugby ball

2. Can you present a detailed analysis of the role of rugby in the decline of civilization as we know it?

3. Metric conversion. How many feet is 10 meters?
33.3 feet
as little distance as the referee will allow
45 degrees farenheit

4. What time is it when the big hand is on the 12 and the little hand is on the 1?
Game time
Practice time
Beer time

5. Rugby is preferentially played:
on a grassy pitch
on a gravel parking lot
under water

6. Spell the following words:

7. The most important thing to remember about the Laws of Rugby is:
don't cheat
don't get caught

8. The International Rugby Board has recently decided that any player, including backs, can wear padded helmets. My opinion of this desecration to the spirit of the game is:
The IRB must be made up of a load of poofters who never played the game. Let's dump them all and get rugby back to the basics.
Backs are rugged individuals who would never want to wear fairy pads and helmets anyway.
Backs are an efeminate lot who want helmets to protect their delicate facial features, although they do tend to mess up the hair. But helmets and pads should be banned.

9. The final score is 35-0. The winner of the day is:
the team that scored 35 points, of course!
the team that ran naked through a crowded bar with burning newspapers tucked in their butts.

10. Which of the following statements correctly describes your attitude toward other rugby players:
Forwards are an ugly, scruffy bunch of slow-moving, brain-dead drunks with a penchant for sticking their heads up other peoples butts.
Backs spend most of their time standing around looking pretty, and throw the ball away whenever threatened as they don't want to get their hair messed up.