This news blurb appeared across the world April 20, 2000, and features comments from ancient Maggot Ken Hodge:

Wellington - Ever wondered why there is so much screaming at Maggot rugby matches? A new survey believes it's female fans kicking up a fuss at beefy blokes in tight tops.

A survey of New Zealand sports fans revealed almost a quarter of women attend rugby not for the match, but to find their perfect match. A Colmar Brunton survey has found that 24 per cent of female sporting followers go to games to look for good-looking men. The survey found that 20 per cent of men also go to events hoping to spot attractive women. Of the 500 surveyed, 11 per cent admitted faking their knowledge of sports to attract members of the opposite sex.

While a quarter of sports fans enjoy the sex appeal of sports matches, when it comes to the crunch, romance still takes a back seat for most New Zealand men. Given the choice between a hot date with supermodel Elle Macpherson or a seat at a major match, 73 per cent of men would go for the game.

Leading sport psychologist Dr Ken Hodge, from the School of Physical Education at Otago University, says this finding is not surprising as many men find the male bonding aspect of watching and playing sports more fun than dating. "Some men have trouble expressing their feelings, but being part of the crowd at a sports stadium allows them to scream and yell and feel part of something," Hodge said. The survey asked 500 New Zealanders their views about sport and its importance in their lives.

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