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Other Rugby Pages:

Montana Rugby Union Information on rugby clubs in Montana, Idaho and Washington

Missoula Betterside WRFC The women of Missoula's other excellent rugby club

University of Montana RFC

Helena All-Blues RFC

Flathead Moose RFC

Bozeman Cutthroat RFC

Otago University Rugby Research Group Hodgey's mates in New Zealand

Lossimouth RFC our guests at Maggotfest 2005

Leominster Luctonians RFC one of the British teams that hosted us during the World Cup Tour, and 2002 Maggotfest special guest side

Ilford Wanderers RFC another Brit team that hosted us on the Tour

Cincinnati Kelts RFC (2001 Maggotfest special guest side)

Potomac Athletic Club RFC ("Best Play on the Pitch" winners, 1989 and 1990 Maggotfests, and 2001 Maggotfest special guest side)

North Dakota State Lost Boys and Fighting Snapper RFCs (1999 and 2000 Maggotfest "Most Honored Sides") drop by and say hi to Jim

Cave Creek (Arizona) Critters RFC
(check out info on the Critterfest)

Scottsdale Blues RFC (1996 Maggotfest "Most Honored Side")

Minneapolis Menagerie WRFC (1995 Maggotfest "Most Honored Side")

Cold Lake Penguins frequent Festers with a good rugby attitude

Where'd they go? Old Maggots, new clubs:

·         Lexington, Kentucky Blackstones RFC

·         Palmer Chiropractic Dragons RFC, Davenport, Iowa

·         Roanoke, Virginia RFC

·         San Jose, California Seahawks RFC

Find old rugby mates at

USA national rugby team

US premier rugby

Lots of Rugby Links:

·         USA Rugby Launchpad

·         Midwest rugby links

·         Yahoo's list of rugby clubs

Rugby Commentary:

·         Rugby Reader's Review Semi-literate commentary on the sport

·         Didd's Prop Page Words of wisdom from the front row

· Famous Rugby people

Rugby Zines:

Reported on Maggotfest 2001

And we were their Team of the Month for June, 2001!



·         Rugby News Today

·         Rugby News (New Zealand)

·         Rugby Heaven

·         Planet Rugby

·         One Rugby Place


Rugby Stuff for Sale:

  • International Athletic – The Exclusive Rugby Gear Provider for the Maggots, Montana Youth Rugby Association and Maggotfest!!!!

·         Ultimate Rugby techniques for sale

International Rugby Board the wankers who decided flyhalves can wear helmets

"Those Maggots are such assholes! I can't imagine what they're like during the week!"

spoken by a Billings Cow during the Union Championships, 1995.

Here's some links to where we can be found when not on the pitch:

Shane Clouse - Country Music Singer

Corporate Technology Group - your computer tech source

Pink Grizzly Greenhouse and Montana Wreaths Christmas Store

Big Sky Brewery.... Definitely NOT Moosehead swill!

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Working for wildlife

U.S. Forest Circus

Native Forest Nutwork

Bob Page the Fly Fishing Guide

University of Montana

Plus a variety of bars, gutters and prisons around the area

A few Montana and Northwest-related pages:

"I am in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection, but with Montana it is love."  - John Steinbeck

Dick and Jane's Fun House An absolute requirement of driving through central Washington state is a stop at the Fun House in Ellensberg

The Missoula Chamber of Commerce Information on the area

Missoula Community Directory other info on the area

International Wildlife Film Festival

Duckboy Cards

Yellowstone National Park

Glacier National Park

Sheep on the Web! A Montaaaaaaana tradition

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